Kindness Kids Yoga is so grateful to our community partners for their support and encouragement.  Our community partners make it possible to offer yoga services to your children by providing a comfortable, safe, and beautiful space for classes. We are humbled and honored to have them a part of our journey to make the world kinder, one child at a time! 


Viride Wellness Spa

Viride Wellness Spa is commited to providing their clients with unmatched attention to achieve wellness goals.  Wellness is a state of optimal health & well-being.  

They provide exceptional massage, alternative therapies, & spa treatments.  Book a treatment with them today!

Viride Wellness Spa is located in Carol Stream.  


Root & Bloom Chiropractic

At Root & Bloom Chiropractic, their purpose is to set the foundation of health for your family so you can thrive for years to come.  Their mission is to provide empowering knowledge and care to families so they may live a happier and healthier everyday life.  Their vision is a growing community filled with families functioning at their greatest potential. And that is why their number one value in life is our health.

If you want to live your life in full bloom, visit them today!  Root and Bloom Chiropractic is located in Clarendon Hills and at The Loft in Wheaton.