Photo credit: Jenn Martin Portraits

Kindness Kids Yoga is a children's yoga service based in Wheaton, IL founded by Amber Bloomquist. We are making the world kinder, one child at a time by teaching a love of self, love of others, and love of all around us.


I was inspired to start teaching yoga to children in 2015 after seeing how much my twin daughters loved yoga and the benefits it provided for them with breath awareness and postures.  I myself have been practicing yoga since 2004, so I understood the benefits it had for me over the years.  As I started on my journey to obtain the 95-hour children's yoga speciality certification through Global Family Yoga in 2018, it became so much more to me, a personal transformation.  I quickly realized that the tools and techniques that were missing from my own childhood would have been essential for healing and strength.  The practice would have helped me overcome physical and mental obstacles, sense of abandonment, handling conflict, emotional regulation, strengthening and repairing relationships and building self confidence.  During the journey, I witnessed my own transformation and the children who would come into the practice.  It moved me to tears each time as I witnessed the pure beauty of the practice and what it can offer to children for their lifetime.  My heart is full of joy to be able to provide a safe space for children to build self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery in a fun, engaging practice that will carry them into the world as kinder beings.

I look forward to serving your children!