Our classes build stability and strength of the body and mind through fun, engaging yoga and mindfulness techniques.  We incorporate breath awareness, sun salutations, asanas (yoga postures), creative movement, relaxation, guided imagery and sounds, and creative expression to fully experience the benefits of the practice.


Ages 4-7

- body and breath awareness

- social emotional integration

- stability and strength in repetition

- imagination and fantasy play

- relaxation


Ages 8-12

- breath awareness

- balance and core stability

- social emotional awareness and development

- partner poses and games

- relaxation and creative expression



- breath awareness

- strength and challenge

- self-awareness and confidence

- relaxation and rejuvenation

- self-reflection



- breath awareness

- stability, strength, and balance

- positive family environment

- partner poses and games

- relaxation

Photo credits: Jenn Martin Portraits